27 February 2006

Pour one out for nerd.dartmouth.edu and wrjva2

From 1 August 2001 to 28 February 2006, at an average rate of one post on one article per day . . . that would be one thousand, six hundred, and seventy-four scientific journal articles. Let's add another demerit for each successive day. Each post will include a citation (with title), and set of keywords. Any new terminology that appears in the article will get a definition or a relevant link. I might also add other commentary, like a synopsis, follow-up questions for later research, further links, possibly a link to the original article (if available). Bonus posts on anything else, while charming, do not count against the 1674+ challenge. The format will probably vary a little . . . eventually, I hope for something compatible with and complementary to Endnote. In any case, it'll do me good to build an electronic annex to the notebook on the old scientific literature. I welcome the revolution before it starts in my town.


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