23 February 2009

Props to Debian 5.0

Yeah, sure, I love the Slackware, but the sad fact is that the Slackintosh port to powerpc (nee ppc) does not deal well with 64-bit machines. I wanted JFS support in a 64-bit kernel, and Slackintosh did not deliver. The boot setup failed, too.

Now that I have a working boot sequence, I suppose I could re-attempt Slackintosh, but Debian 5.0 is working pretty well for me so far. In the last year or so, then, I've infected 3 computers with Slackware, two with Slamd64 (64-bit biarch Slackware port-good stuff), one with Ubuntu (it was a request), and one with Debian 5.0.

Good times.


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