07 May 2007

A breakthrough with GNU Emacs

EDITED 10 May 2007 (mostly just to show off)

After a protracted battle, I guess I can post to my blog from GNU Emacs (xemacs did not work, and is kind of ugly, anyway).

I downloaded g-client and installed it to my emacs load-path. Be sure to make config all instead of simply make. Some other things I needed: psgml and time-date.el. For good measure, I installed a few other emacs extensions from the openSuSE 10.1 respository.

With those changes, I could run M-x gblogger-new-entry and start typing. The important thing is to enter the URL of your feed, not of your blog. Thus, I entered http://www.blogger.com/feeds/numberoffeedhere/posts/default instead of errorbar.blogspot.com. VERY IMPORTANT.

After typing away, I ran M-x gblogger-publish, and all seems well. Unfortunately, I am certainly leaving out several other important details. Maybe I'll be able to get this set up in reasonable time on my Ubuntu box at home, but I am not so sure . . . I am beginning to think that Ubuntu does what it does quickly and easily, but those things that it does not do, it does not do. We'll see.


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