10 April 2006

Photonics, Wow!

Design, fabrication, and optical characterization of quantum cascade lasers at terahertz frequency using photonic crystal reflectors Optics Express 31 October 2005 13(22):8960 KEYWORDS: physics, photonic, photonic crystal, terahertz, THz VOCAB: lensed mirrors, stop-band NOTES: -applications for THz: imaging, chemical sensing, astronomy -photonic crystals at "stop-band" energies = reflectors -"single plasmon waveguide (sic) are easily fabricated and enable high power structures with little out-of-plane losses -lases at 77 K PROTOCOLS: -5 nm Ti/50 nm Au --> surface plasmon -alloy at 400 deg C for 1 minute: 10 nm Ni/20 nm Ge/50 nm Au/20 nm Ni/200 nm Au


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