08 May 2007

Planner, Diary, etc.

This post seeks two things: 1. The ability to save locally without ruining my ability to post. I have noticed that when I save posts with .xhtml or .xml extensions, the GNU Emacs/g-glient command M-x gblogger-publish fails. Thus, I'll try to save this without an extension. 2. A simple ~/.emacs file. The meaning of the LISP code is gradually making sense, but opposing forces are battling for my (computer's) soul--I want to understand what I'm doing, but I want things to work, so I add lots of junk I don't understand to the settings file (~/.emacs). Who wins? Memo to self: Set whatever variable is needed to keep word-wrap from breaking off my text. Do I want to recompile planner-el with icalendar? I think I'd really like to post my diary and schedule and planner to Google Calendar or some such place without effort.


Blogger CircularFile said...

It worked. Now things are starting to get moving.

12:19 PM  

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