13 October 2007

Coming to terms with OS X

I have hated before, but it's beginning to look like OS X is quite totally acceptable--as long as one registers as a "Mac developer" (HA!) and juices up the computer with Linux applications from fink and darwinports.org

There's also a good chance that a bit of EmacsLisp modified from here has finally solved my problems with sgml-mode putting ugly line-breaks into my posts:

(defun local-sgml-mode-hook ()
  (setq indent-tabs-mode nil
 next-line-add-newlines nil
 standard-indent 4
 sgml-indent-data t)
  (auto-fill-mode t))
(add-hook 'sgml-mode-hook
   '(lambda () (local-sgml-mode-hook)))

Also: fooling around in GTK Emacs (Not AquaMacs--*pthbbttt*) was a chore until I learned this neat trick:

put these lines in a file called .xmodmap:

keysym Alt_R = Meta_R
add Mod2 = Meta_R

Now add this line to .profile:

 xmodmap ~/.xmodmap


UPDATE: No, had to go back and fix this via the web. Still: almost there. Emacs will do what I want, as long as I ask properly


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