20 March 2009

iTunes stares into the abyss

I had to quit iTunes months ago, because some update had rendered it completely unusable. Of late, a subsequent update has mostly fixed things, but it's come too late for me: I have abandoned iTunes (which I never much liked) for Vox, which at least supports the Ogg Vorbis format.

Vox does not allow playlists, though. The website promises real playlists soon, but there is a simple solution: create a new folder and fill it with symbolic links to your music.

localhost:~/Music/Voxlinks daWreck$ for file in
~/Music/*/*.{wmv,ogg,mp3} ; do ln -s "$file" $(basename $file | sed
's/ /_/g'); done
I needed several different layers of /*/ to make all the needed links, but it worked just fine, and OS X politely declined to make any links that already existed because of duplicate files or whatever. Die, iTunes, die.


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