10 May 2007

Some fixed, some broken

AT LAST! Four lines of LaTeX code have saved me. I needed
1. To render bibliograpies as sections inside of individual chapters 2. To make the bibliographies appear in the table of contents (toc)--ideally, as numbered sections (that is, \section, not \section* 3. To prevent bibliography "chapters" from appearing in the toc 4. To suppress any silly errors while running pdflatex
I needed the chapterbib.sty and natbib.sty packages. Once I had those files where I needed them--and after many failed experiments--I added these lines to the preamble of my root LaTeX file (the file that has all the \include commands to call all of the chapters):
\usepackage[]{chapterbib} \usepackage[sectionbib,square,comma,sort(ampersand)compress]{natbib} \renewcommand\bibsection{\section{\refname}} \def\newblock{\hskip .11em plus .33em minus .01em}
Success! Of course, I've somehow broken posting here from my SuSE box, and I've never got it to work from my Ubuntu machine. Working on it.


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