19 July 2007

SuSE 10.1 minus Gnome

Fvwm sure looks strange. Well, no--it looks like Unix used to look in 1998. However, since I have so many important documents on this computer that I am afraid to upgrade, and since Gnome was so slow, Fvwm (OliCha theme) seems an appropriately conservative choice. Navigating the Fvwm menus is less intuitive, but the overall gain in speed more than makes up for a little fumbling.

(Side note: I would have preferred to compile IceWM on here, but gave up after a few tries. How annoying.)

Now: is it really the case that mirrors stop hosting releases of OpenSuSE after a couple of years? 10.1 is not that old, but I can't seem to get updates anymore. Slackware mirrors still have pretty much every release ever. I suppose I don't really understand how these things work. OpenSuSE still makes a good workstation, though.


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