14 October 2007

Little helpers

Some of these installed with fink, others with darwinports. Here I present the definitive list of my favorite open-source software for making a Macintosh into an acceptable machine:

  • Oroborus - Window manager for XDarwin; can't do much without one
  • Sylpheed - my mail client of choice
  • Liferea - RSS reader to keep track of news
  • Easytag - For tagging .ogg files that I ripped with OggDrop. Using .ogg files on a Mac is mighty annoying.
  • Epiphany - my favorite web browser. I hear this preference is strange.
  • Emacs-gtk - Aquamacs is okay, I guess, but I prefer GNU.
  • emacs-w3m - Text-mode web-browser from inside of emacs. Extra nerdy.
  • Pybliographer - For managing TeX/LaTeX/BibTeX bibliographies. Not needed if there's a decent Emacs to be found, but easy to use

I also brought my .emacs file and .emac.d folder from my Linux computers; the former worked with only minor changes. As noted below, I needed a .xmodmap file to map the Alt keys on the Mac keyboard to Meta for use in Emacs.

EDIT 15/10/2007 11h00: Also need Bogofilter, without which my work email is hopeless



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