01 November 2009

Killer app for IPv6 internet?

You may have other things on your mind right now, but we are running out of internet addresses (a.k.a., version 4). Maybe it isn't really such a problem—ISPs have been pretty blase' about the whole thing. More likely, no-one is switching to new addresses (version 6), mostly because no-one knows that there is a problem, since just about everyone who cares about the internet (in its current form) already has a access through an old address.

But now hear this: non-Latin characters will soon be available to name your website. That's a lot of potential websites (hello, Iranian protestors!); where will we fit them all?

Ho, ho—IPv6 addresses will ride to the rescue of our UTF-8 brothers and sisters. How many years til the Westerners' original web becomes a parochial backwater?


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