04 November 2009

go6.net, freenet6.com IPv6 solution at last!


I've been bragging about how I turned a g5 iMac into a Debian server, thanks to the good people here, but my tunnel to the IPv6 internet kept dying (a common problem). At least two weeks passed while I struggled with crontab and generally fumbled towards a solution.

The main problem, I now realize, is first, that the connection is fragile and occasionally drops (obviously). To automatically reopen the connection, I added the following to root's crontab:

  * * * * /bin/pidof gw6c >/dev/null 2>&1 || /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/gw6c

Unfortunately, the script to reopen the tunnel always tried to ask a question: "do you want to add some server to your configured list, blah blah blah?" Since I was nowhere to be found, the script kept asking over and over, got no response, filled up my inbox with error messages, and finally died without reopening the connection.

The fix was to add the line always_use_same_server=yes the the gw6c.conf file. The script asks no questions, and the connection is now reasonably stable. Now I can get all all my files from anywhere.


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