12 May 2007

Ah so, w3m-buffer

Not, I think that it matters much . . . but I did install the cvs versions of w3m and emacs-w3m.

Needed curl

How about now? That wasn't so bad at all. I needed to install curl and byte-compile/load time-date.el on my Ubuntu 7.04 machine, but other than that, things seem okay.
  1. Get w3m working as a browser
  2. Make sure that the other gblogger functions work, particularly gblogger-blog
  3. Why are my sgml tags unhighlighted?
  4. Customize gblogger.el and ~/.emacs

11 May 2007

The new plan

Ok. I've tweaked, I've overhauled, I'm ready to port my modified ~/.emacs and gblogger.el files over to my home computer(s) and check whether I have this all correct or not. If that miniproject goes reasonably well, then this nerdy little weblog might be about ready to press forward. Next things to add:
  1. The configuration files that made it all possible, and some notes on the programs I needed (don't forget to run autoconf, kids)
  2. Essay on the look of my least favorite newspaper
  3. $100 Computing
  4. Fearful authenticity
  5. Tufte vs. even more obscure nerds
Whoa . . . that should be plenty for now.

10 May 2007

I owe it

To you all to delete some of the more inane posts. And so I shall.

Crazy pops

Now I think we're beginning to get it right . . . just maybe. Who can ever really say.

Is the white space really gone?

One wonders just how much time is being saved by doing everything the hard, text-only emacs way . . .

The end of auto-fill-mode

UPDATED--white space begone!

It is my great hope that I have vanquished this disgusting pox forever from gblogger-mode/sgml/nxml/whatever-I'm-using by changing the line in gblogger.el that read
(auto-fill-mode 1))
(auto-fill-mode 0))
. . . and it looks like I did.

Thank you, sness

Some fixed, some broken

AT LAST! Four lines of LaTeX code have saved me. I needed
1. To render bibliograpies as sections inside of individual chapters 2. To make the bibliographies appear in the table of contents (toc)--ideally, as numbered sections (that is, \section, not \section* 3. To prevent bibliography "chapters" from appearing in the toc 4. To suppress any silly errors while running pdflatex
I needed the chapterbib.sty and natbib.sty packages. Once I had those files where I needed them--and after many failed experiments--I added these lines to the preamble of my root LaTeX file (the file that has all the \include commands to call all of the chapters):
\usepackage[]{chapterbib} \usepackage[sectionbib,square,comma,sort(ampersand)compress]{natbib} \renewcommand\bibsection{\section{\refname}} \def\newblock{\hskip .11em plus .33em minus .01em}
Success! Of course, I've somehow broken posting here from my SuSE box, and I've never got it to work from my Ubuntu machine. Working on it.

08 May 2007

How I wish

I didn't have to retype my feed URL everytime I posted here.

Planner, Diary, etc.

This post seeks two things: 1. The ability to save locally without ruining my ability to post. I have noticed that when I save posts with .xhtml or .xml extensions, the GNU Emacs/g-glient command M-x gblogger-publish fails. Thus, I'll try to save this without an extension. 2. A simple ~/.emacs file. The meaning of the LISP code is gradually making sense, but opposing forces are battling for my (computer's) soul--I want to understand what I'm doing, but I want things to work, so I add lots of junk I don't understand to the settings file (~/.emacs). Who wins? Memo to self: Set whatever variable is needed to keep word-wrap from breaking off my text. Do I want to recompile planner-el with icalendar? I think I'd really like to post my diary and schedule and planner to Google Calendar or some such place without effort.

07 May 2007

Unchecking word wrap

I hope that by unchecking the word wrap box under the Options menu, I can prevent the disgusting appearance of my posts below. Oh, I see that I have not fixed the problem yet. Perhaps it had something to do with Auto-Fill? Now I feel all guilty about publicly dissing xemacs, when I took for granted the fact that my lines would not get broken all stupid-like. Now, all my work seems to be for naught. OR IS IT??? Apparently, all I needed to do was to toggle auto-fill in the Options menu. That feels so much better.

Those linebreaks are still hideous

This attempt is my third--I seem to have lost my ability to post, and right after I had discovered it, too. It seems that saving the entry is a no-no. UPDATE 10 May 2007: I think I just edited this old post through emacs. I needed to install the newest cvs of w3m-emacs (actually, maybe I didn't need to do that, but I did do it), and then I commented out my g-html-handler line of .emacs -- weird stuff.

A breakthrough with GNU Emacs

EDITED 10 May 2007 (mostly just to show off)

After a protracted battle, I guess I can post to my blog from GNU Emacs (xemacs did not work, and is kind of ugly, anyway).

I downloaded g-client and installed it to my emacs load-path. Be sure to make config all instead of simply make. Some other things I needed: psgml and time-date.el. For good measure, I installed a few other emacs extensions from the openSuSE 10.1 respository.

With those changes, I could run M-x gblogger-new-entry and start typing. The important thing is to enter the URL of your feed, not of your blog. Thus, I entered http://www.blogger.com/feeds/numberoffeedhere/posts/default instead of errorbar.blogspot.com. VERY IMPORTANT.

After typing away, I ran M-x gblogger-publish, and all seems well. Unfortunately, I am certainly leaving out several other important details. Maybe I'll be able to get this set up in reasonable time on my Ubuntu box at home, but I am not so sure . . . I am beginning to think that Ubuntu does what it does quickly and easily, but those things that it does not do, it does not do. We'll see.


But is it?